1. Try http://homeassistant:8123. If that does not help, you may be able to find the IP address of Home Assistant Green on your router. The URL will be http://<IP ADDRESS>:8123
  2. Check if the Home Assistant Green is plugged in and the yellow LED blinks in a heartbeat pattern. For more information on the LED patterns, see Home Assistant Green LEDs.
  3. Check if the LED on the Ethernet port is green. If it is not green:
    • Try using a different port on your router.
    • Try using a different Ethernet cable.

  • The battery serves as a backup power supply for the real-time clock.
  • You need to install a battery only if you are planning to boot the Home Assistant Green in an environment where there is no internet connection for an extended period of time. Then the clock cannot synchronize.
  • When installing the CR2032 battery, make sure the positive side is facing upwards. You should see the plus sign on top.


  • No. Home Assistant Green does not have any onboard radios.

  • It is not recommended to use Home Assistant Green with a Wi-Fi dongle.
  • The controller of your smart home should have a reliable, stable wired connection at all times.

Power supply

  • Home Assistant Green ships with a 12 V DC, 1 A, center-positive power supply.